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Project Demo - admin username and password is stuart, normal username and password is bob.

Welcome to the B-Risk project home page.

B-Risk is a risk recording and tracking package, with some basic risk analysis thrown in. It is meant for use in all sizes of businesses, and allows a company to record all of the risk associated with their projects and operational business. They can decide how to handle the risk and record what action is taken. There are also reporting tools in the form of graphs and charts that allow managers to look at a projects overall risk, or even risk in relation to the company as a whole.

B-Risk will be released under the GPL.

Features will include:

A demonstration of the current code is now available here. For an admin login use the username and password of stuart, and for a normal user login, please use the username and password bob. As an admin user, you have the power to delete all users from the database. I would ask that you refrain from doing so, as this would make the demo unusable for others until I can fix it.

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